The Waiting Room

' I used my knowledge of Delyth's trials and tribulations, successes and failures – and, most importantly, her considerations regarding the meaning of all these – as a basis for the setting and plot of the Waiting Room. The play is set in an audition room for a low budget fringe play in Hackney (David Hale writer)

I initially met David Hale, the writer, in Berlin, and he knew how hard I persevered to maintain my career as an actress and as a single parent even with the language constraints I faced in Germany. When David went back to Vienna, he asked me to read a play he had written. This was the first time I became aware that he wanted to write. We met again in Birmingham, where he was doing an MA in playwriting at Birmingham University.  His play, ‘The One’, was shocking and dark, but very moving and raw. It reflected themes in David's life, particularly in relation to homosexual relationships. I was not sure if he would want to write a play for women. However in 2006, I spent a lot of time in London doing courses at the Actors Centre, and a showcase with Chrys Salt. All my stories about getting back and to between Birmingham and London, the highs and lows of preparing for the showcase and my passion to progress as an actress were discussed on his balcony in Hither Green. We also discussed the style of a possible play - a modern female drama with a 'Waiting for Godot' style. David was inspired and he seemed really excited about his new piece, later called ’The Waiting Room'

I had already formed a company 'Other Peoples' Shoes with Tracey Sheldon (actor) and Julie-Ann Dean (voice over artist) joined the cast in Birmingham. We did a read through of Hale's play and decided that we wanted to do it. It struck us all as a very challenging play – there were very long monologues and hyperbolic rich dialogue. We advertised for a director and eventually chose Vik Sivalingam (, who had just finished an MA in directing and later that year directed a play at the Young Vic.
A short excerpt of the play was performed twice at the 'Artsfest' in September 2007. The first performance was at the BBC Studios in the Mailbox, and the second at the CBSO Centre. It was clear from these performances that the play was funny and engaging with two very different audiences for both.
It was then formally re-cast and a rehearsal venue was offered for free by Frankie (former manager) at the Custard Factory Birmingham and two young female actors both trained at the Drama Studio, joined the cast. I produced and performed in the piece which was put on at the Old Jointstock Theatre in Birmingham.

I was beginning to build my skills as a producer as well as an actor whilst still working full-time and bringing up my son Oliver. My role had autobiographical elements and this style led into the creation of 'Dysmortal Life'.

The Bird Box
The Bird Box, written by Johnny Goddard. It was about two women who internet date, and both end up in the same Theatre box to meet the same man. Their relationship, which develops from initial misunderstandings, empathy and ultimately to one of friendship, is eventually stronger than their need to get the ’man’ We performed it at the Door, Birmingham Repertory Theatre.