'I absolutely believe that theatre as a young person was vital to me not only for creativity and academia but also for my mental health'
My approach is to combine influences from innovative companies worked with or studied such as Lumiere and Son, Peta Lily, Punchdrunk and Frantic assembly whilst combining my own experiences of autobiography, black comedy, physical theatre, music (pre-recorded or live) and verbatim. I also draw on professional workshops with the Actor Centre London and the 'Be Festival Birmingham.'
This will benefit the schools by providing workshops by a specialist (s) who not only has experience in education but extensive professional work. Recent training in devising with Frantic Assembly. Industry training at the Actors Centre. An experienced producer, director and performer of original writing.

Workshops -Enhanced DBS and Safeguarding Training

Bespoke workshops can be created for all key stages according to your needs.

KS2 (Yr 6) and KS3 (Yr 7)

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone using physical theatre based creation of the final challenges that Harry, Hermione and Ron are faced with.
Skills include: collaboration, movement skills, creative thinking, ensemble, character and script writing (more able) transitions, retrieval. Workbooks available.

Space - the question is posed by the scientist who is heading the world global crisis meeting 'we will be leaving the earth in the next two weeks' things have got too bad' 'we need your best... space experts who will join the space mission to find our next planet'
Skills include: spontaneous improvisation, character profiles leading to characterisations, physical and vocal skills, sustained improvisation, spaceship design. Workbooks available. Props provided.

The Lost World by Conan Doyle - an adaptation of the original story,  This is a devised piece that is suitable to show to KS1.
Skills: summarising, storyboarding, character development, staging, scriptwriting, narration, use of key props, lifts (Frantic Assembly) and animal creations. With a moving audience - in-the-round staging.

Ceville - Animation voices and Stories- story writing, vocal workshop, accents and dialects, voice over style performances.

SECONDARY KS4/KS5 2/3 hr workshops

  • Devising using verbatim - Interviews and questionnaires to create script, characters and playing with semniotics by using improvisational techniques
  • Structuring a devised piece and learning how to develop scenes
  • Interpreting text through applying various techniques learnt in my professional life and the Actors Centre

Physical theatre Advanced Devising KS5 (2 or 3 Hours)
With a physical theatre practitioner.
For students with an experience of devising but wishing to take it further. We will look at a wide range of theatre styles and techniques that the students can use in their own devising work. Techniques will include Physical Theatre and Story-telling, Site-specific Performance, Object Transformation, Working with Scale, Choral Movement, Verbatim Theatre, Starting with True stories and Building an Ensemble.